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Patents are essential to protect your intellectual property. Both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses seek out these protection measures to prevent reverse engineering. Along with that, patents can put you at an advantage over other companies in the industry. With a patent, you have exclusive property rights for a certain period of years, depending on the invention type.

If you have a useful and unique product, you can obtain a patent to protect your idea. However, patents are challenging to obtain, and your business needs to choose the right attorney for your application. A patent attorney in Orlando can help you obtain these legal rights for your product.

What Is a Patent?

A patent gives the inventor exclusive rights to prevent others from manufacturing, selling, or using their invention for a set period of time. Congress has the power to grant patents according to the U.S. Constitution, and the federal government has statutes and rules that govern these patents.

When an application for an invention meets specific statutory criteria, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will grant a patent. You can apply for three types of patents: design patents, plant patents, and utility patents. There are specific application rules for each of these groups.


Patent Basics

For those who want to qualify for a patent, the invention must be “non-obvious” and “novel.” For an invention to be considered “novel,” it must be different from other inventions on the market with one or more of its components. It also cannot be publicly used, sold, or patented by another individual within the past year.

You cannot patent ideas and suggestions. Instead, the inventor must have worked out all the concrete details to implement this invention and be granted a patent.


Patent Infringement

If someone has used or manufactured an invention without permission, then the investor can bring a lawsuit against that person. If the infringement claim is proven, the infringer must pay the inventor’s attorney fees, legal costs, and damages. Along with that, the court will issue an injunction against the infringing company.

IPS Legal Group’s Patent Services

For each client, we tailor our legal services to meet your needs. We will help protect your invention by:

  • Design Patent Applications and Filings
  • Licensing and Assignment
  • Non-Provisional (“Utility”) Patent Applications and Filings
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Application Filing and Prosecution
  • Patent Infringement Analysis Reports
  • Patent Infringement Litigation
  • Patent Prosecution & Response to Office Actions
  • Patent Validity Opinion
  • Prior Art Novelty Searches (“Patent Searches”)
  • Provisional Patent Applications and Filings


At IPS Legal Group, our patent lawyers assist those clients in negotiating their patent licensing agreements. Our team is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We will help to secure that prized patent for your invention. You can also trust us to ligate any patent or trademark dispute with other companies or enforce your pre-existing licensing agreements.

With a free and confidential consultation, allow us to show you how to protect your products and inventions. Schedule a consultation with one of our patent attorneys in Orlando, FL.

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