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Trademarks protect businesses from those individuals who want to duplicate their goods or services. With help from a trademark attorney in Orlando, FL, you can trademark your products to make them easily recognizable by consumers and distinguish yourself from competitors.

What Is a Trademark?

You have a product or service; can you trademark it? According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a “trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of these things that identifies your goods or services” With a trademark, you can distinguish your business from competitors. It provides a way for customers to instantly recognize your business or products.

With a trademark, you can:

  • Have legal protections for your brand
  • Guard against fraud and counterfeiting from other companies
  • Provide instant identification for your services or goods

When you have a trademark, it provides your business with an identifiable and unique mark for your services and products. These trademarks help to prevent other companies from using similar words, symbols, or phrases to confuse consumers into using their services and products.


Registered vs. Owning a Trademark

When you own a trademark, you can trademark your services and goods within a specific geographic area. However, if you want nationwide rights, you will need to register for a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. While you are not required to register a trademark, it is available to give your business broader protections and rights under the law.

With a registered trademark, you have legal rights across the entire United States. You will want to consult with a trademark attorney in Florida to discuss your case and understand the difference between these two terms.


Using the Trademark Symbols

When you use your own trademarked product, you can also use a symbol associated with it. With these symbols, the consumers know you have claimed rights to it as a trademarked property. Even if you have not registered your trademark, you can still use the “SM” for services and “TM” for goods.

Once the trademark is officially registered with the USPTO, businesses can use an ® with their trademark. However, you can also use this registration symbol for those services or goods listed with the federal trademark registration.


Scope of Protection

A trademark will connect specific services and goods to your company. Any symbols, words, phrases, or designs that do not identify a service or product cannot be a trademark. However, a trademark does not apply to just one type of service or product; it can include several types for your company.

A registered trademark can prevent another company from registering your company name as their own. Along with that, when you have outlined the goods and services being registered, you are protected under the trademark’s scope of use. With that, you can legally prevent others from using a similar trademark or name for their goods and services without your consent.


IPS Legal Group’s Trademark Services

At IPS Legal Group, we offer a wide range of trademark services, such as:

  • Cancellation Proceedings – IPS Legal Group can prepare and file a petition for cancellation with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
  • Comprehensive Trademark Searches – Extensive research for trademark filings usng the Trademark Electronic Search System.
  • Opposition Proceedings – Our firm is prepared to file notices of opposition, as wee as represent you during the proceeding.
  • Response to Office Actions – Have you received an office action letter from the USPTO? We can examine the issues outlined in the letter, and help you resolve these problems with your trademark/trademark application.
  • Trademark Applications and Filings – IPS Legal Group can assist you with trademark applications and filings, ensuring a smooth process when obtaining your trademark.
  • Trademark Litigation – Seeking legal action against another party, or you are the subject of legal action taken against you? Our firm is prepared to represent you during the trademark litigation process.
  • Trademark Portfolio Management (inclusive of cease & desist letters) – IPS legal Group will protect your intellectual property after you have obtained your trademark, and aggressively pursue legal action when a violation has occurred.

If your business needs a consultation to learn about trademarking your services or goods, reach out to the legal team at IPS Legal Group. We will protect your brand at an affordable rate for your business. Make sure to contact our trademark attorneys in Orlando today!

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